Our aim is to provide superior Yacht Management to our clients through continuous development of our services.

Refit & Repairs

The ideal yacht is not necessarily the newest or the most modern.
Some beautiful vintage boats may require restoration or technical upgrades that are compulsory by law and thus deserve extra care and a high degree of expertise. In these cases the investment may be consistent and for this reason the results must be excellent.
FORWARDYACHTS collaborates with highly qualified professionals who have successfully restored hundreds of boats over the decades and is able to assist and support its clients through the whole process.

New Constructions

The design and building of a yacht can be joyful and offer a unique experience.
FORWARDYACHTS takes continuous effort to create synergy with the best designers and builders which are able to satisfy even the most demanding client.
FORWARDYACHTS will assist you in building your dream boat or buying one already made with immediate availability at the best possible conditions.


It is very important to simplify daily administration and management, and minimize risks that may occur as yacht owner.
With a central management that follows up and supervises all aspects, the owner can simply enjoy the yacht in all its pleasures.


It is known that the expertise of the crew is vital to the ship and moreover for the owner’s satisfaction and that of his guests. Our relations with captains and crew is the same as we have with the ship owners, professional, reliable and of full collaboration.
Over the years, through us, many owners found serious and qualified personnel for their ship. At the same time selected crews found the right yachts on which they expressed full potential.


Docking your yacht is a priority, either for short term rental or for purchase.
Location, facilities and service is essential to be able to fully enjoy one’s boat.
In La Spezia as well as all along the coastline, availability and conditions for berths are in continuous evolvement.
FORWARDYACHTS is able to give access to the most selected offers.