Gulf of Poets, the perfect mooring for a unique yacht experience

It is one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world! We are talking about the Gulf of Poets, one of the most popular with ideal destinations to experience by boat. We are in the Liguria of the “Levante”, extraordinary land, with breathtaking scenery, which offers a perfect combination of sea, nature, and gastronomic tradition.

A natural niche between the sea and the Apuan Alps maintains a microclimate mild and pleasant breeze.

A truly unique scenario is that of the Gulf of La Spezia which thanks to this extraordinary and peculiar natural configuration is the perfect place for a vacation by boat, where you can fully experience the sea.

A perfect starting point for visiting the Cinque Terre, Porto Venere, the Islands Palmaria and Tino, the coast of Lerici and Tellaro, reaching as far as Versilia.

Sailing along the Ligurian Riviera is a unique experience, a perfect mix of relaxation and discovery.

And at the end of the day, the pleasure of the place continues to be experienced even at land, thanks to its safe harbors, the true pride of this territory.

What could be more pleasant and reassuring after spending a day at sea than know to return to a safe and well-equipped port?

This question was answered by Forwardyacht, the reference agency in the area managed by Gianni Ricciardi and Jacopo Montella, which has been operating successfully for more than a year decade in the yachting industry.

“Finding the ideal berth for your needs is essential”, explains Ricciardi.

Whether it’s a rental for a shortstop, whether it’s a purchase.

The location, structure, and services are essential to be able to enjoy your own Yacht at the best. Our reference marinas Porto Mirabello and Porto Lotti are ideal homeports for their configuration and the services offered. The frame in which they arise is exclusive, they offer protection in all weather conditions, facilities at 360 degrees, and modern and efficient shipbuilding structures.

By choosing a berth in the Golfo dei Poeti, you don’t just choose a mooring, you do choose a territory, the comfort, safety, and exclusivity of two marinas of excellence, which offers the best at any time of the year.

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