Buying a yacht: first step

Buying a yacht is a significant moment. The yacht is the place where the owner must feel in harmony, a happy island.

There are yachts better than others, yachts that best meet the owner’s personal needs. In our professional experience we have followed with success the buying/selling of many yachts and every time it was a different story.

Some owners have great experience and know exactly what they want, others need to be assited in their choice. The Client should ask himself what he wants and what need the yacht will have to satisfy, first set a goal and then start the research.

It is important that the owner has a clear and realistic idea of ​​how he would like to experience the yacht, the use he intends to do of it, what budget he wants to invest, how many crew he’ll have onobard and evaluate, for example, if the yacht will be used in private or charter.

Once the ideas have been clarified and the goal set, the most interesting part begins: the search for the ideal yacht! This is a crucial phase where you need to dedicate the necessary time, without haste.

One of our first tasks is to listen to the wishes and needs of the Clients, following them throughout the process day after day with discretion and professionalism.

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